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About the Authors

Stephanie L. Krah, PhD 

Rowan Lemons

Rowan Lemons is in elementary school at a Chicago Christian school. Her favorite subjects are math and art. As a yellow belt in karate, she spends her spare time practicing kicks, punches, and tumbles. Other favorite pastimes are good conversation and going to movies, especially when followed with frozen yogurt.


 Stephanie L. Krah, Ph.D. is an educator, author, and entrepreneur whose passion for writing began at eight years old with poetry, short stories, and plays. Decades later, she contributed to professional journals, anthologies, and penned a thirty-day devotional, The Power of the Promises: Living a Life Receiving the Fullness of God’s Blessings. Teaching people of all ages, her mission is sowing into others to achieve their God-given potential. Dr. Krah is committed to the growth and development of people. Therefore, in 2019 she launched her company Free Your Mind Enterprises, LLC which is a consulting, professional development, grant writing and training firm. Dr. Krah specializes in strategizing with people and companies in identifying an area of opportunity they would like to improve and completing the necessary steps of enhancement.


Dr. Krah is excited to share her love for writing with the next generation by co-authoring the I Think, I Say, I Believe children’s book series with her goddaughter, Rowan Lemons. 

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