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I Think, I Say, I Believe (November, 2023)

           In book 1 of the I Think, I Say, I Believe Series: Astounding Faith Adventures of Abraham and Aurora, Abraham Redmond a 10-year-old boy, his 8-year-old little sister, Aurora, and their dog Rosie embark on amazing journeys exploring their faith. Faith was hard to understand because we couldn’t see, touch, or taste it. One day, Abraham and Aurora prayed for God to help them learn about faith. The next day, they began an adventure they would never forget. An antique box, with the word FAITH, written on the side they found in their father’s home office, would be a portal allowing them to travel back in time to meet various biblical characters. This story is about how God, in hard situations, helped Abraham and Aurora explore what having faith truly means. While this book is written to appeal to children, there are lessons that adults can glean from as well. 

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“I Think, I Say, I Believe is a heartwarming story about understanding faith. Anyone looking to help a child comprehend this biblical principal, can do it through Abraham and Aurora’s wonderful sibling dynamic and time-traveling adventures.”

—Annette Tapia, elementary school teacher

Praise & Reviews

“As a Christian educator, I am always in search of faith-based material for our children’s and youth ministry. We need sound, wholesome publications that direct our young people away from influences that compete for their attention toward what is pure, moral,
and godly. Abraham and Aurora’s supporting cast of family and school worked together to nurture a stable belief system. I love that Dr. Stephanie Krah and Rowan Lemons collaborated to share insights of the young and the seasoned. If you’re looking for a
book that’s intriguing, insightful, and relatable, look no further.”

—Pastor Desiree Anderson, Director of Student Ministry at Rivers of Living Water
Ministries International Chicago 

“I Think, I Say, I Believe is brilliantly comprised of imagery that captivates young minds. Using language that grasps the abstract concept of faith, it encourages children to explore God from their perspective.”

—Melissa Champs, Executive Pastor of Third Baptist Church of Chicago

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